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Old Fashioned Garden Roses

18 Jun

david austin rose milk glass 


Antique garden roses are the flower of choice in bridal flowers these days.  Not a week will go by at the retail flower shop I work in that we don’t get an inquiry about them or have the pleasure of working with them. Garden roses used to be the “unobtainable” rose for the average person.  South American growers started the crops about 10 years ago but would only sell them to wholesale suppliers in quantities of 144.  That is a very large amount of such a perishable flower, thusly, making it only available to the affluent customer.  But things have changed – requirements have lessened and now it is quite common to purchase as few as one dozen.  The average retail cost of a garden rose can range from $5 to $8 depening on the variety.

I have been the lucky recipient of garden variety roses for the past 8 Mother’s Days.  This year my rose bushes have been especially abundant because we have experienced a good amount of rainfall here in Southern Ontario.  I couldn’t resist cutting some of them and arranging them in a vintage antique milk glass vase that was given to me by my sister on my most recent birthday.  The vase is the perfect match to these old fashioned roses. Even though these roses only last about 2 days, their fragrance and beauty is well worth the effort.

david austin rose charles darwin

climbing rose hot pink rose

garden rose yellow golden showers

david austin rose othello hot pink

climbing rose dawn soft pink

garden roses

milk glass garden roses david austin


Handcrafted Bouquet Jewellery

11 Apr

This week I have opened up another chapter in my floral designing career!  May I present to you my new online store,    purplefreesiadesigns.com – a site  featuring handcrafted wedding bouquet jewellery designed by yours truly.

Bouquet jewellery is in the fashion forefront yet its elegance is timeless. By enhancing your bridal flowers with crystal accents and silver tones you will create a one of a kind look for your wedding day.  At  purplefreesia designs you will find modern interpretations of jewellery inspired by centuries ago –  unique genres such as steampunk and Marie Antoinette to name a few . Each piece is handcrafted to easily incorporate within your wedding florals. Bouquet jewellery is that final detail in completing your picture perfect look.

I have never hidden the fact that I am an artist not a computer person, and so this is where I must give credit where credit is due.  An infinite number of  “thank-you’s”  must go out to Julie Surian (web designer, piano teacher, my sister), who never once complained when I asked her to change things a million times; Kevin JohnsonSenior Director of Operations, Lavalife and best friend ever) for his superior knowledge of  building secure websites and for never making any of my questions feel stupid; and  Jada Magdalena (model) who never once complained about how cold it was outside during the many photoshoots.  Purplefreesiadesigns.com is nothing short of beautiful thanks to the efforts of these great people.

Here is a small sampling of some of the images featured at purplefreesiadesigns.com .  For the total experience click here!