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Garlic Scapes in Floral Design

30 Jul

Garlic scapes are the curly tops of the garlic plants  Unknown to many, they are just as edible as the garlic bulb itself.  They offer a flavour best described as a cross between garlic and an onion. Unfortunately, because cutting them off is an essential process in getting the garlic bulbs to grow bigger, they are undervalued and often get tossed in the compost bin.  My father in law is a seasoned garlic grower, and although he does enjoy what the garlic scapes bring to the culinary table, he grows such large quantities that my mother in law, too,  gets to enjoy them as a unique foliage for floral design. When first cut, they are very curly – the scapes start to straighten after a day or two in a vase. And yes – they smell just like they taste!



garlic scapes in floral design

garlic scapes in pottery

garlic scapes