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Living Fresh Flower School Garden Party

28 May

mason jar floral arrangement for a garden party

With the hot weather now at our disposal, what better way to entertain than in the outdoors? The Living Fresh Flower School featured a design class on Sunday, May 27th that demonstrated the in’s and out’s of floral decor for an outdoor party. An eclectic mix of mason jars from various companies such as Crown, Bernardin, Golden Harvest and Dominion were the perfect vessels for these dainty floral pieces.

mason jars for floral arrangments

When designing for an outdoor event it is important to remember that a diverse colour palette is key: look around the gardens in your neighbourhood and you will see that every colour is represented. Garden flowers tend to be daintier in size and offer various textures – mixing these textures can be a risky one in common floral design. In garden design, texture overload in fully acceptable and encouraged.

Photographed below is a selection of some of the blooms that were provided to the students for the groupings of arrangements that they got to make for their final project.

anenome scillia hydrangea

asters monte casino dusty miller

vendella rose thistel hypericum berries sea holly double freesia

tulips euonymus

Here is a sampling of some of the creations by the students of the Living Fresh Flower School.  Beautiful pieces, fit for a party!

garden party flower arrangement

garden party arrangements

garden party flowers

A garden party wouldn’t be complete without some colourful treats!

jelly beans mini cupcakes for garden party treats

Please check out the Living Fresh Flower School’s website for information on our next class “Ode to Peony” on Sunday, June 10th, from 1-4 p.m. at the Button Factory in Waterloo.


Steampunk Inspired Weddings

5 May

Steampunk Inspired Weddings – Fusing Flowers with Science Fiction

steampunk wedding

steampunk jewellery accessories including pocket watch, keys, loop and cameo

steampunk goggles

steampunk goggles

Steampunk is in the fashion forefront. Although its beginnings were in the 1980’s it has reached a strong presence in 2012. The influence of steampunk can be seen in many aspects of art, fashion and design. Based on the Victorian perspective on fashion, steampunk is a fusion of science fiction, fantasy and technology. Steampunk design emphasizes a balance between tool and decoration.

As a florist, this genre excites me. Although it is a style that has been around for more than thirty years, it has not broken into the floral industry. The organic and natural aspect of flowers infused with the rigidity of mechanics and technology seems like an odd combination. As a floral designer I have always embraced the challenge of combining unlikely elements to create an artful piece. The newly launched web store at features the beginnings of my steampunk accessories for wedding floral design. The steampunk bouquet jewelry collection at Purplefreesia Designs presents functional gadgets with a fanciful twist.

steampunk boutonniere with key

mokara orchid boutonniere featuring silver key (webstore

steampunk cymbidium orchid with lock boutonniere charm

cymbidium orchid boutonniere featuring silver lock (webstore

steampunk purple mum boutonniere with tube vial

purple button mum boutonniere featuring glass test tube vial with custom message (webstore

steampunk cognac glass vial with clear swarovski crystal

glass cognac vial with custom message for boutonnieres (webstore

steampunk glass tube vial with clear swarovski crystal

glass test tube vial with custom message for bouttonnieres (webstore

steampunk teardrop glass vial with clear swarovski crystal

glass teardrop vial with custom message for boutonnieres (webstore

The steampunk collection at Purplefreesia Designs is ongoing. Product development is our number one priority – please check us often for new floral gadgets such as pocket watches, cameos, cogs and gears.