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Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus

20 Jul

A few years ago we bought my son an Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus to try and grow in the garden.  The first year or two was kind of touch and go, but this year it seems to be the only thing thriving in our garden during these exceptionally high summer temperatures and lack of rain.  This year it has bloomed!!!!! What an exceptional flower!!!

In Canada, this plant can only be found in a few areas in South Western Ontario.  It is currently listed in regulation under Ontario’s Endangered Species Act, 2007.  If you wish to see this majestic plant growing in the wild, you should take a trip to Point Pelee National Park!



Gerbera Daisies

19 Jul

I have been enjoying the gardens flowers all summer long.  That weedy wild look is so pretty and natural.  But this week I decided to bring some flowers home from the flower shop instead.  10 stems of mini gerbera daisies (grown from a local farm in Dunnville, Ontario called Rosa Flora) now line my diningroom table.  I kept it simple:  5 tall glass water bottles (I rescued from the recycling bin of the culinary school next door) sitting in 5 square cereal bowls (taken from my kitchen cupboard), and about 4cm of water per bottle (gerberas can “drown” if you fill the vase right up).  No greenery, just flowers.  2 per bottle.  Perfect!


Antique Glass Bottles

8 Jul

In no way is this blog meant to make my milk glass collection feel unloved, jealous or replaced, but I have recently opened my heart to a new collectible: antique glass bottles.  Whether they are canning jars, milk bottles, apothacary jars, medicine bottles or perfume decanters, I am intrigued by their aged beauty. The scratched cloudiness of these oldies makes them so desirable.  If they could talk, what kind of stories would 100 year old bottles tell? Where have they been?

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of filling a bride’s bottle collection with flowers for her wedding.  I couldn’t resist an informal photo shoot before they were filled with blooms.   I have since scored an antique milk bottle for my very own at a local thrift shop for a mere $2.99 (and a trumpet hobnail milk glass vase too!!)


Flower School! Flower School!

7 Jul

I am so excited to announce the creation of the Living Fresh Flower School!!!  I have teamed up with my best flower friend Tina Riddell of Living Fresh and together we have created the Living Fresh Flower School.  Starting September 18th, 2011, we will be offering a variety of classes in the historic Button Factory in Uptown Waterloo.

Join the living fresh flower school and unleash your inner florist!  Explore our website to decide which classes you would like to take!