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Poppy Pic

22 Jun

For some reason I have only gotten one poppy from this entire bush so far this year.  It is blooming so proudly and has lasted for what seems like weeks.  Here is a photo of this flawless bloom….I had a bit of fun with some of the cool settings on my camera.  Sadly, it probably won’t be there tomorrow….there are thunderstorm warnings tonight with hail and high winds!!!





Biggest Rose Bush Ever!

22 Jun

Ok, seriously, this rose bush is massive.  It is the biggest thing I have ever seen and it is in my backyard! I bet it stands close to 12 feet tall with a diametre of close to 10 feet wide.  I have no idea how old it is because I inherited it when I bought my house.  It is the most spectacular specimen.  The best part of all is that the rose petals are shaped like hearts and as the wind blows, my backyard gets sprinkled with heart-shaped confetti!!! The bumblebees love it as much as i do.


My Purple Garden

11 Jun

arrangement by purplefreesia

Its amazing how quickly my garden has progressed from predominantly yellow flowers to exclusively purple. Purple is so rich – its the colour of royalty. I had so much fun taking cuttings from the garden with my little aspiring florist! Thanks to Pureland Permaculture, I have constantly changing beds of perennials, just waiting to be cut and skillfully arranged.

Some of the goodies that I was able to snip from the garden were:

climbing euonymous
climbing wild rose bush branches
black lace elderberry
solid and variegated hosta leaves
variegated ribbon grass
virginia creeper

purple asters

purple trailing verbena
blue forget-me-nots

mauve wild daisies



Five Leaf Clovers???

1 Jun

It must be the innocence of my 8 year old daughter – everywhere we go she seems to find a four leaf clover. It wasn’t until this past week that her luck got even better and she found a 5 leaf clover, and then another, and another. The superstition for the 5-leaf clover is extra good luck and attracting money. I am not a superstitious person but who couldn’t use some extra cash??