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Yellow: Summer is almost here!

29 May

my garden

Yellow :  Summer is Almost Here!

Everything my eye is drawn to this week is yellow.  Yellow is not typically a colour that I embrace – there is nary an article of yellow clothing in my wardrobe, nor is there yellow in any of the décor in my home. So why the attraction to this sunny colour??  Yellow is the colour of joy! Who wouldn’t want more of that in their life?

After a long, dreary, wet spring we all need this bright shade.  It is no coincidence that the earliest summer blooms are yellow.  Did you know that the lighter colours bloom first in your garden?? That is why yellow is the colour most associated with late spring and early summer. Even those crazy little dandilions are at their peak right now!

Featured below, are some of the amazing yellow things that caught my eye this week.  Special thanks must go out to Lilies White and their talented designer Lana Weismiller, for the beautiful bridal centerpieces she created this week;  Taylor Jackson Photography, for allowing me to feature some of his  incredibly choice photos featuring yellow;  Danica Studio for their adorable line of laptop bags; and Paul Jasinski of Pureland Permaculture for providing me with a beautiful cutting garden right in my own backyard.

I will finish this blog off with a final piece of yellow trivia I found at flowermeaning.orgYellow stimulates creative and intellectual energy.  It brings clarity to decision-making and improves concentration. If you’ve been considering a new colour for your office, perhaps this may be the perfect one to boost your productivity!!!

coreopsis (my garden)

dandelion (my garden)

begonia (my garden)

marigold (my garden)

Flowers by Lilies White

Flowers by Lilies White

Taylor Jackson Photgraphy

Taylor Jackson Photography

Danica Studios

i love these shoes!


Tulips – A Sweet Good-Bye

22 May

This week in Ontario the temperature has finally been seasonal (rainly….but seasonal).  The tulips are starting to wither away,  making way for the spring and summer perennials.  This post is a sweet good-bye to these lovely first bursts of colour after a long, long, long (add as many longs as you deem necessary)   Canadian winter.

As a florist, I have had the pleasure of working with these beauties since mid October, but this is it – they are done.  Our local grower’s crops have diminished –  we must wait again until the cooler weather before they are available.


Cinderella is no brunette!!

15 May

altered images

Seriously?  Are these for real? I have to admit that a part of me was hoping that the animations had not been doctored – how neat would that be??  But as a mom with a princess loving 8 year old, I knew that it wouldn’t take me long to find out the truth!

The colours in the cartoons have been changed quite a bit, particularly where the prince’s attire is concerned.  And, since when was Cinderella a brunette??   But I have to say that the outfits of Beatrice and Eugenie are freakishly similar to the wicked stepsisters!!!  Hilarious!!!  Ultimately, I got a good laugh!!



my favourite prince and princess

Spring, finally!

9 May

This is a very casual blog posting!  I am just so excited about the glorious weather that we had today for Mother’s Day!!! The gardens seemed to have come alive today.  Buds have worked their way out of  the cherry branches, hostas have sprouted, and I saw green little bell-like blooms starting to form on the lily-of-the valley.  I had fun snooping around my inlaw’s beautiful garden in old London with my camera.  Hooray for spring!!! It has finally arrived!



8 May

King Protea

I had a great time hopping from one company to the next in the flower supply district in Toronto with Tina Riddell of Living Fresh.  Check out these beauties!  I’ve fallen in love all over again with everything from the protea family.  They are very much a contradiction to my present taste in flowers.  They aren’t feminine, delicate or soft.  They are quite the opposite in fact, boasting descriptive qualities such as prickly, harsh and extreme. This bizarre family of flowers reminds me of the desert; vegetation that may grow from a crevice in a hard rock formation, or amongst a weedy patch of dry brush.  But despite their spiky appearance, these crazy looking flowers are not desert dwellers – they are native to the temperate summer climate of South Africa.  California flower  growers have started to cash in on protea because they have a similar climate – this has made these flowers more obtainable to Canadian flower shops.

Pincushion Protea

Proteas are very long lasting flowers, often boasting a vase life of 2 to 3 weeks. Their thick woody stems can be harvested at lengths as long as 3 feet.  They are sturdy flowers that can be handled carelessly by the clumsiest of florists (ME!) and  they never show signs of mistreatment!!!  Even though these super textured beauties look thorny and pokey – like you need to handle them with care so you don’t hurt yourself, they are quite the contrary.  Some varieties, like the pink ice protea and the king protea are fuzzy and soft.  The  pins on a pincushion protea, feel like soft flexible plastic.  And despite the point that the lucendendron’s leaves come to, they are not sharp at all.  Whether you display a single bloom or a vase full of them, they are guaranteed to get people talking!

Pink Ice Protea

protea shopping with Tina

Lucadendron Safari Sunset

Lucadendron Gold Strike

A Lovely Lavender Rose

2 May


While the quest for a truly blue rose continues, and likely will continue indefinitely, the lavender rose remains its closest relative.  Traditionally a lavender rose has represented a sign of enchantment and love at first sight – used to express romantic intentions. Simply put, this rose is a stunning specimen offering a fragrant bloom with a high petal count that opens completely (many roses only partially open).  If you haven’t seen this variety of rose in your local flower shop, it is likely because of its perishability.  A lavender rose does not offer a lengthy vase life and many shops therefore won’t buy it unless it is by special request.  Many flower buying clients don’t fancy the idea of investing in a dozen roses that will only last 4-5 days.  This colour of rose is grown abundantly in South American farms and goes by many names:  blue bird, cool water, purple haze, ocean song, avant garde, silverstone, and soulmate.  Next time you are craving a flower so lovely and delicate, perhaps you should make a call to your local florist and get a special order in for this truly worthy blossom.